About Me

In A Few Words

Hello, I’m Tomas. I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer for almost a decade, and love creating lasting memories of people’s special day.  I’m skilled at being discrete and creative during the day, while capturing you and your guests looking their best. Our team consist of me and photo designer. I work in a way that suits you, and capture images in the style you like the best. I’ll chat to you extensively before your wedding, and make sure everything goes 120% during the photo shoot. I also offer the opportunity to carry out photoshoots before or after your wedding day to create even more priceless memories.

About My Work

The Photoshoots

I’m available to shoot you and your husband or wife to be in a private photo shoot designed to bring the romance of your relationship to life. Working together with a photo designer during the shoot lets us instantly create great images on a go on your special day. We are doing our homework, so every single client will have exclusive content.

Get in touch and tell me about the kind of photos you’d like to have for your wedding. We will do our best to make sure your special day will be documented for you and your next generations. 

For more details, please contact me.

Tomas Janulevičius